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Workpoints® training material covers eight (8) strategic areas that will resolve problems between employees, and employees and supervisors. The material covers the behaviors, attitudes and actions that create environmental chaos, cost you lost production, and wastes energy.


What are some examples of negative behaviors that impact your bottom line?
In any work environment, you will find problem employees who consistently exhibit one or more of the following behaviors: argumentative, manipulative, rigid, perfectionist, judgmental, distrustful, resentful, controlling, cynical, disrespectful, unapproachable or withdrawn.


It doesn't take much imagination to picture how these negative attitudes and behaviors can affect not only those particular employees, but the employees that interact with them. Productivity, cooperation, communication, safety and customer relations are all jeopardized.


YOU CAN do something about workplace problems.

We offer TWO courses of action ...


1. If you feel comfortable in knowing the employees and problems in your workplace, you can order our Training Materials. You choose the materials that match the problems you have identified. The material covers the most often identified workplace problems and each topic includes material for three or four training sessions. A Facilitator Manual and Facilitator Guide, along with an Introductory Module that sets the stage for the training, are included at a nominal charge.

The training topics are:

Workplace and Individual Values (8 hours)
Leadership (6 hours)
Change (6 hours)
Problem Prevention (6 hours)
Conflict Resolution (6 hours)
Contributing Attitudes (6 hours)
Boundaries (6 hours)
Communicating (6 hours)
If you would like more information on the training topics go to Targeted Problem Areas, or to order the material go to Order Form. The cost to you for each set is $29.95 plus shipping and handling.
To help you make your selections why not complete our 24 question Management Interview?
I would like to complete the 24 question Management Interview.


2. If you would like support and validation of what you suspect, we offer an Internet-Based questionnaire that accurately pinpoints the underlying causes of a group's job performance problem or problems. Your employees can complete the questionnaire anonymously and we provide you with the group results.

The Inventory© or questionnaire pinpoints the attitudes and behaviors that are problematic. The results of the assessment creates a Targeted Training Plan, and the Training Materials are the time-tested keys to the success of Workpoints® in changing human attitudes and behaviors that interfere with job performance...a challenge that other training organization do not pursue.

Workpoints®, through our Inventory©, will help you accurately identify ONLY those issues that cause the job performance problems you see. The material and training will help participants be brought to a point where they discover their own need to: accept that the values and beliefs of others are neither "right" nor "wrong" ... to listen and respond to the needs of others ... to assume responsibility for their own actions ... to accept and adapt to change ... to respect the decisions of others ... to lead by example ... to trust others ... to be willing to change and basically, to live in the reality of your workplace in a much more productive, meaningful and rewarding manner.

You don't waste valuable time and money on training that the group does not need. Each employee group has different problems and so the most cost-effective approach Brink is pinpointing their specific problems with their own Inventory© and Targeted Training Plan.

Each participant can anonymously complete the Inventory© on-line for $4.95 per person with a minimum charge of $49.50. For more information on signing up for the Inventory© go to the Order Form.

Saves your valuable time and money on getting employees "back on track" with work-related training targeted to meet their needs.
Resolves workplace problems cost-effectively on a long-term basis.
Maximizes the accountability of everyone to do their best.



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WORKPOINTS, Inc. is approved for Federal Government Contracts through DoD Central Contractor Registration, and we are listed under NAICS and SIC as human resource and management development services, training and consulting. We are a woman-owned, small business, S Corporation under the laws of the State of Michigan

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